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Garden Predator Box

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Garden Predator Box
Made from oak, durable larch or reclaimed material. To provide a natural habitat which will look good in any garden or wildlife area. The heavy durable timber used provides excellent over wintering insulation, as well as longevity.

This provides habitat for Solitary Bees like the Red Mason Bee or Leafcutter Bee. These bees seal their eggs in the tubes and are non aggressive, do not swarm, and are very effective at pollinating in the garden helping increase fruit yields etc. This space also provides a well insulated space for over wintering Ladybirds and Lacewing as well as other garden insects.

(Multi use, access through holes and wide door margins)
1. Natural wood bark can be put in this section for an over wintering habitat for essential natural predators like Ladybirds. 2. Untreated straw can be put in this section and used with the pheromone attractant to encourage over wintering lacewings.
3. This space can be used with collected plant material (attractive to Ladybirds or Lacewing) to encourage, or position a colony near to Aphid problems.
4. The space can be used to release Lacewing or Ladybird Larvae. The box can then be sited near continual Aphid problems for effective and natural control.

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Price: 49.99