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Butterfly Habitat
This attractive and functional Butterfly Habitat is made from high quality durable timber/oak providing longevity and excellent insulation. It comes complete with removable wooden pins/ramps (essential for Butterfly access and sun warming before flight). There is also an access/inspection panel which can be used for adding attractive plant material (i.e. buddleia/nettles etc) or for threading a long twig (small tree branch) into the chamber as an internal resting place.
USES: Butterflies may use the house for roosting, as a winter hibernation place or for the chrysalis transformation stage over winter. The small Tortoise Shell may use the house to hibernate. The chrysalis could be formed on roof or internal branches. The Peacock may use the house to hibernate in (often found in sheds and outhouses). Less commonly, the Silver Winged Fritillary may use the box to lay eggs (if sited in mature trees) and the Comma butterfly will use the box for hibernating. In addition, your butterfly box will provide insulated habitat for many other unplanned beneficial insects such as Ladybirds, Lacewings and some Moths.

Price: 25.99